Teak Neighborhood Grill: Best Practices for Instagram

Abner Torres Martinez
4 min readFeb 21, 2021

Teak Neighborhood Grill is a true neighborhood grill located in Orlando and Maitland, Florida. Teak is a place where you can go to watch your favorite sporting events, host your birthday party, or kick back and listen to live music. Teak is known for their 37 signature handcrafted burgers, local craft beer, and a food challenge called the Teak Challenge. They believe in having a great time and creating an atmosphere that bring families and friends together. They also believe in the importance of having a digital presence on social media, especially Instagram as they are actively engaging and reaching their audience with every post and social interaction. With that being said, Teak does a great job in making use of general best practices to thrive on Instagram.

Best Practices on Instagram

1. Instagram posts should be made once a day between the hours of 11am and 1pm. Whereas, Instagram stories should be made twice a day between the same times. This is an optimal time to post, as many people are taking the time to take a break from work, school, or life in general, and rather focus on what is happening on Instagram and their social media pages.

2. Attach hashtags to each posting whenever appropriate. To maximize engagement and reach, the ideal number of hashtags on each post should be between 5 and 10. Anything more than 10 hashtags will steadily reduce your engagement and reach. A few hashtags that are relevant to Teak are #teak, #teakneighborhoodgrill, #orlandoeats, #burgers, #brunch, #foodie, and #foodblogger.

Teak making use of hashtags on their social media strategy

3. Credit to sources are essential and crucial to the integrity of one’s Instagram page. Any photos or content that wasn’t produced by you should be credited to sources. Credits should be given with the source’s @ handle tagged in relevant postings. Credits will not be necessary if photos or content were produced by you.

4. Making use of User Generated Content (UGC) can be very beneficial when promoting one’s brand. It can provide followers an understanding of how your product or service is experienced through another’s point of view. Followers, current or new, can then decide whether to put their trust in what they’re seeing, and can be encouraged to experience it or not. It can also lead to higher engagement and reach.

Teak making use of User Generated Content from Instagram handle: @cksweet

5. Formatting can be the difference between an okay post and a great post. Instead of spelling something out, make use of numbers (Happy Hour 2 for $20 Deal). It will allow for captions to be brief and to the point while still maintaining engagement. Ask questions whenever possible. It can drive engagement and have followers feeling involved with your brand as if they have a voice.

Asking questions is a great way to boost engagement and get your followers involved

Brand Voice

Fun. Relaxing. Energetic. Flavorsome. Teak takes pride in delivering the best quality food and service while providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment through their customers love for burgers, beer, and sports. They believe in having a great time and creating an atmosphere that bring families and friends together.

Rules of Engagement

Handling Engagement from Competitors and Trolls

Teak is all for fun, jokes and trolling comments from competitors as they are jokesters themselves. Most of the time, the social media team will go along with it and respond back in the same fun and joking manner. The only exception is when competitors or trolls are promoting comments that are harmful, threatening and fearsome. Teak does not tolerate with such behaviors and will not acknowledge such comments directly. In supreme circumstances, Teak will produce a posting to engage people that such behaviors are not acceptable, and that Teak does not tolerate it.

Handling Customer Complaints

Teak’s social media team responds quickly and efficiently to customer complaints on social media. It should take them 48 hours, at most, to respond to complaints made by customers. Teak will acknowledge and own up to each complaint, instead of hiding from them. If the situation escalates, the conversation will be taken offline as all communications are in the public eye. Instead of using automated replies, you will personalize each response to reassure customers that Teak takes their negative comments and criticism seriously. Teak will go the extra mile as they personalize each response. Lastly, negative comments made by customers won’t be deleted since deleting negative social media comments won’t make them go away.

Teak providing an efficient response in a timely manner to a customer question

Instagram Credits: https://www.instagram.com/teakneighborhoodgrill/